Don't take our word for granted! Here's what some of our customers are doing with MyGet.

INTL FCStone Inc. (Ticker symbol: INTL) is a Fortune 500 company, providing customers across the globe with execution, clearing and advisory services in commodities, capital markets, currencies, asset management and more. They are using NuGet to distribute packages for consuming internal APIs and services built different IT teams. Octopus Deploy is also being used to provide automated deployment for their systems.

Before we signed up with MyGet, we looked at different options such as NuGet Server and ProGet. The main drawback was that they would require us to spin up infrastructure internally to run the service. With MyGet, all of those extra issues were handled so it made it very easy for us to adopt quickly.

MyGet is our hosted NuGet service that takes away all the work and headaches for building and hosting a NuGet feed. We’re using it to distribute NuGet packages across teams. And we're planning on using MyGet as an archive for Octopus Deploy packages for systems that need long term storage of deployment packages due to compliance requirements.

The Enterprise account allows us to split up the service into subscriptions that we can give to teams. Each team can manage their usage, permissions, and implementation of the service. It's great for everyone and very easy to use!

Think of NuGet and MyGet as more than just a package repository. This opens up solutions such as automated deployments, build integrations, etc. without you doing much work to implement.

Javier Lozano - Head of IT architecture

Particular Software builds tools for better distributed system development. It began in 2006 as the NServiceBus open-source project and, in 2010, NServiceBus Ltd. was founded to provide services and support to the thousands of companies using it as the backbone of their distributed systems. Today, the company operates under the Particular brand name and offers an expanded product line with the Particular Service Platform, including ServiceMatrix, NServiceBus, ServiceInsight and ServicePulse.

Particular Software is using NuGet as the main delivery channel for its framework and related extensions as well as to manage development dependencies.

With MyGet, we can stage our releases for final quality control before promoting them to our end user facing channels on NuGet.org and Chocolatey.org. Developers, both from Particular and external, can use our custom MyGet feed so they have access to our unstable builds. MyGet fits perfectly into our workflow!

Andreas Öhlund - Director of Engineering

As the Global Specialist in Energy Management™, Schneider Electric enables people to experience and transform efficiency where they live and work; from home to enterprise, across the grid and the city. Enabling a world where innovative individuals use collaborative solutions to make the most of their energy, while using less of the common planet. A company with 178 years of history, 25 billion euros in revenue and a workforce of 160k people in 100+ countries. 5% of revenue is devoted to R&D.

In the Buildings EcoStruxure labs, work is being done on a framework which facilitates development of solutions that incorporate the vast array of products that Schneider offers with third party products and systems. NuGet packages are being used to distribute the libraries and samples of this framework to partners.

We wanted to maintain control of who had access to our NuGet packages, we were clearly in need of a private feed. MyGet was really the obvious choice for us.

As a proof of concept, we have used a local file share briefly. Since our community is global and spans corporate boundaries we needed a solution that was not subject to any single IT jurisdiction. A scalable cloud based approach was what we needed and what MyGet delivered.

We have found additional uses for our feeds over time.There are certain packages that can be used outside of the scope of the initial project. To that extent we created a separate feed for those packages with its own user list.

Following the best practices for NuGet package development, including how you create and distribute samples is obviously recommended. MyGet offers support for all this and has enough subscription plans that there should be an option that fits your needs.

Mark Stemmler - EcoStruxure Software Manager

MessageHandler is a messaging based platform providing a reliable solution to business integration and automation. At the same time it can perform real time analytics on the integrated data and it's scalable enough to connect any "thing". It allows you to automatically react to anything that happens in your business. MessageHandler provides highly scalable infrastructure and easy to use tools to cover all your message processing needs. You can also define tailor made channels and handlers, use custom message sources, build client apps and so on.

Consumers of the MessageHandler service can easily communicate with the platform by installing NuGet packages for the available client SDK's. MyGet is being used to both build and distribute these packages.

Being a software-as-a-service provider ourself, MyGet offers the perfect cloud-based solution for building and distributing our client SDK's and frameworks. We push code to our GitHub repository, MyGet builds it and after a final quality control, we can distribute fresh drops of our libraries to our customers.

Yves Goeleven - Founder and CEO

TimeCockpit is a Software-as-a-Service project time tracking application, especially useful to software development and consulting teams. It comes with a graphical time sheet calendar, offline and online mode and a customizable data model in which users can create custom properties, validation rules, billing logic, custom forms and lists etc.

Software Architects, the company developing TimeCockpit, sells the underlying framework to partners for use in their application. The framework is distributed using MyGet, offering various layers and functionalities of the framework as separate NuGet packages.

Providing our customers with new builds used to be a tedious process for us as well as for them, as updating all the references in all projects manually is time consuming and error prone. NuGet really came to rescue here as it dramatically reduces the time for updating downstream projects.

We started publishing our packages manually by zipping them up, putting them on a public share and letting customers add them to their own local feeds. This worked, but was cumbersome as you always had to send URLs to the packages, somebody at the customer had to add the feed and then update the solution. Not to mention setup and maintenance of these local feeds!

MyGet really streamlines this as customers can even discover updated packages without us notifying them. From something that used to be error prone, time consuming and repititive work we now trigger a script to upload the package, the customer clicks the update button and we're all set. We also publish symbols to aid our customers with debugging issues. Something we definitely would not have attempted if it hadn’t been so simple with MyGet!

We don't provide our framework for free and we therefore did not want to put the packages on a public feed. Using MyGet Private Feeds we can control the access to the packages and authentication for users is straightforward.

You can put together a package using Package Explorer but the real benefit comes from having automation to create new versions. We use Visual Studio Team Services and the automatic deployment of packages produced in the build to a MyGet feed saved us hours, possible days of PowerShell scripting.

MyGet is the perfect tool for a specific problem: managing dependencies. That's what it's made for, that's what it solves for us and that's where it shines!

Philipp Aumayr - Senior Software Engineer

Clinical Support Systems, Inc is a startup company bringing new technology to the field of medical software and developing CabMD, a flexible, feature-rich clinical billing system that empowers care providers and billing agents.

With CabMD, there are lots of different internal subsystems that rely on base libraries and are being distributed using MyGet. Deployments are done using Octopus Deploy, storing build artifacts on MyGet.

Before NuGet, we were experiencing some major "DLL hell" and it was just a giant headache. NuGet solved all of those headaches eventually but, at the time, there was still the issue that we wanted to protect our Intellectual Property by not blindly uploading this where it was public.

This is exactly where MyGet fit into the picture. We looked at hosting our own private feed, but with everything else we're doing it was just not working well for us. MyGet was the first, the best and I've never needed to think about another service.

We needed to offload this to a service provided by a third party - and magically we happened to see MyGet. We're using it to help dependency issues across large number of projects and with libraries from Telerik where their software is largely not available on NuGet publicly due to their licensing model. All deployments are also handled through MyGet, in conjunction with Octopus Deploy.

Kori Francis - Lead Software Developer

Travel Alberta is the tourism marketing organization for the Government of Alberta that is governed by the Travel Alberta Act and a Board of Directors accountable to the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. It serves the local consumer market in Alberta, Canada, and 7 international markets (US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Japan) as well as tourism Industry sector by connecting local tourism-related businesses with travellers.

NuGet is used to consume third party libraries in code produced by Travel Alberta. Not storing assemblies in source control is one of the development practices being used.

We're using a lot of third party assemblies and data files in our software. Since these aren't always available as NuGet packages, we package them ourselves and store them on MyGet so our developers can consume them in their projects.

Having looked at running the NuGet Gallery on-premises, we landed on MyGet for providing our team with a private NuGet feed.

NuGet has its pros and cons. With MyGet most of the cons are removed making the entire experience a lot better!

Sean Feldman - TravelAlberta.com

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