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MyGet requires no installation

No Installation, Zero Maintenance

MyGet delivers a NuGet-as-a-Service experience, allowing you to simply sign up and start creating you own NuGet feeds in no time, for free!
This effectively means no development cost, hardware cost or operational cost on your side. An online NuGet server!

Easy to use

Familiar with NuGet? Then you already know how to use MyGet! Browse, search, download and upload packages using any NuGet client (Visual Studio, nuget.exe, NuGet Package Explorer, Chocolatey, the R# extension gallery, ...) or use our easy to use web interface.

MyGet is easy to use
MyGet embraces the open source community

Supporting the Community

MyGet is built by and for the Community. We want to help you get rid of development friction and encourage you to continuously deliver best quality software. Even if, eventually, you want to publish to, we encourage you to use MyGet as a staging environment.

Backwards compatible & up-to-date

MyGet also supports older (pre v1.6) NuGet clients and Orchard Galleries using the v1 Packages feed URL. We make sure your feeds keep working on every subsequent release of NuGet. Even more: we make sure MyGet is running the latest version of NuGet itself, ensuring we support all new NuGet functionality.

MyGet is backwards compatible and up-to-date!
MyGet supports you in achieving results


We continuously improve our FAQ and appreciate all feedback on our UserVoice or through the contact form on our website. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog for all latest news on MyGet.

Feed Management

MyGet supports unlimited feeds

Unlimited feeds

Create as many public NuGet feeds as you want, for free! Don't get stuck trying to fit everything into a single package repository and organize yourself with the amount of feeds you desire. Create dedicated feeds for your extensible apps and distribute plug-ins using NuGet.

Configurable Package Sources

Create new fully customizable package sources or build on top of our NuGet and Chocolatey presets. Use OData filtering to easily create your own feed that queries a subset of these package sources.

MyGet supports custom & fully configurable package sources
MyGet supports endless possibilities for enterprise usage

Endless Possibilities

All scenarios described in the book "Pro NuGet" are supported. MyGet's flexible design enables you to embrace better practices such as Continuous Delivery and Automated Deployment.

Package Management

MyGet has symbol and source indexing support

Symbols and source indexing

MyGet offers an easy way to debug your code. When publishing a symbols package, we index its sources and provide them on a symbol server. This makes stepping through package references as easy as stepping through your own code.

Package mirroring

To shield you from changes to packages on external feeds (such as package deletions or replacements), MyGet supports package mirroring. You can choose to mirror a package onto your own feed and make a deep copy of both the package contents as its metadata.

MyGet supports package mirroring
MyGet supports enhanced search functionality on any NuGet feed

Enhanced search on any NuGet feed

MyGet has developed an enhanced search module which allows you to query any NuGet feed based on specific criteria. We figured package ID and description just didn't meet all scenarios.

Keep track of dependencies

MyGet helps you keep track of package dependencies. Keep different versions of packages and inspect dependencies between packages using a clear visualization in the form of a dependency graph.

Keep track of dependencies
Package retention rules

Package retention rules

By default, we keep all package versions available on your feed. If you would like to do some automated housekeeping, specify some package retention rules. Whenever a package is added to your feed, we'll make sure these retention rules are respected. No more feeds stuffed with thousands of packages generated by your build server during continuous integration.

You code it, we build it

MyGet enables you to add packages to your feed by just giving us a GitHub, BitBucket CodePlex or Visual Studio Team Services repo. You code it, we build it, we package it, we publish it. Our build server builds your code, runs unit tests (MSTest, NUnit, XUnit, ...) and creates packages for it. If everything is green, we publish the build as a NuGet package to your feed.

You code it, we build it
Visual Studio Team Services Integration

Visual Studio Team Services Integration

Have source code on Visual Studio Team Services? MyGet can build and distribute NuGet packages for your components and libraries.

Already using Visual Studio Team Services build? MyGet can expose NuGet packages from drop locations to your developers and clients in a secure manner.

Push packages to another NuGet feed

This feature allows you to push packages from your MyGet feed to another feed. For example, you can stage your packages to MyGet and then upload them to a release feed on MyGet or to the official NuGet package source.

Push packages to another NuGet feed


MyGet allows fine-grained feed privileges

Fine-grained Feed Privileges

Invite people to claim access to your feeds. Give them readonly, contribution or management permissions or make sure only a specific set of people have certain rights.

Private user api keys

Unlike NuGet single-feed server implementations, we give every user their own API key, which can be regenerated at any time.

MyGet provides each user with a private API key
Work with access tokens per client. One for you, one for the build server.

Multiple access tokens

Generating additional access tokens is possible. Create one for you, one for the TeamCity server. Use them as API keys or as an alternative password for your account. Tokens can be revoked at any time.

Choose your identity provider

Taking benefit from Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS), MyGet allows you to authenticate against various trusted identity providers.

MyGet supports various identity providers

Advanced features (only available in a paid plan)

Real private feeds

Real private feeds

We keep your intellectual property safe by requiring password authentication on private feeds. When creating a private feed, nobody will be able to access it unless the correct privileges are given.

Know what licenses are being used

Managing dependencies is one thing, knowing which licenses are being used is another. Which licenses are used on your feeds and in your software projects? Many teams would love to know. MyGet makes it easy to inspect and manage licenses used.

MyGet supports various identity providers

Enterprise features (only available in MyGet Enterprise)

Dedicated installation

Dedicated installation

You get your private copy of MyGet, hosted and managed by us. No need to worry about updates and patches. MyGet enterprise comes as a true Software-as-a-Service, or as we like to call it: NuGet-as-a-Service.

Custom domain name

If you wish to link a custom domain name to your MyGet installation, you can! There's even a possibility of having your own logo displayed on all pages.

Custom domain name
Active Directory / WS-Federation

Active Directory / WS-Federation

Single sign-on with MyGet? Why not! Have your users login using their Active Directory credentials. We integrate with ADFS and other WS-Federation-based authentication providers.

User & quota management

You are in control of your MyGet Enterprise installation. Managing users and quota such as the maximum amount of storage a user can consume. It's all in your hands!

User & quota management