neo4j dotnet driver snapshot artifacts

Neo4j .NET Driver

The snapshot builds of an alpha-level database driver for a new Neo4j remoting protocol.

Note: The snapshot builds are the builds in active development, the API is not stable and things could break sometimes. The snapshot builds should not be used in production, but please be free to try it out and give us feedback at Github. For more information about newest releases and documentations, please refer to wiki.

Minimum viable snippet

Add the driver to your project using Nuget Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package Neo4j.Driver

Connect to a Neo4j 3.0.0+ database

using(Driver driver = GraphDatabase.Driver( "bolt://localhost:7687" ))
using(Session session = driver.Session())
    var cursor = session.Run("CREATE (n) RETURN n");

Getting the Driver

The Neo4j Driver is distributed exclusively via Nuget and can be added to your project via the Package Manager.


Available on Nuget


Snapshot builds are available at our MyGet feed, add the feed to your Nuget Sources


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