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Your personal Windows Install made easy!

  • 100% Unattended Install with pending reboot detection and automatic logon
  • Lots of Windows configuration utilities including installing critical updates, changing windows explorer options, and more
  • Launch via a simple URL, install on a Thumb drive or share it on your network

Build your Environment with one easy command

Boxstarter can run any Chocolatey standard Nuget package to create an environment customized to your needs and tastes. There is no need to have Chocolatey installed. Any base install of Windows 7, 8, Server 2008 R2 or 2012 is fully compatible. Launch the Boxstarter Web Lancher targeting any public Chocolatey or Myget.Org Boxstarter feed:

Web Launcher

For Complete documentation on Boxstarter visit the Boxstarter.Codeplex.Com wiki.


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