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YouTube has a lot going for it. Although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage. It's also the second biggest search engine behind its parent company, Google.And there are a ton of cool things you can do with YouTube that you might not know about, whether you use YouTube to watch videos, post them, or both. For example, did you know YouTube has its own virtual reality (VR) setting to view any video in 360 degrees? Or that you can create a YouTube time link that brings viewers to a specific moment in the videoEveryone loves GIFs, but knowing how to make them isn't common knowledge. Well, it should be, because all it takes is a little YouTube URL trick.To create a GIF from a YouTube video: Select a video to watch on YouTube and find the URL at the top of your browser. Add the word "gif" right before the domain name so it reads, "[your-video-tag]."This will bring you to, with your video already uploaded and ready for editing. Here, you'll find a menu of options to the left-hand side with a timeline bar along the bottom of your video. You can set the GIF duration, crop its frame, add captions, and more.Ever wanted to send someone a YouTube video, but point them to a specific moment? Let's say you're trying to recruit your friends to learn the dance in Justin Bieber's "Sorry" music video with you.Instead of sending your friends the general YouTube link and instructing them to fast-forward to the 0:50 minute mark, you can actually send them a specific YouTube time link that starts the video at whichever time you choose. Click here to see what I mean.

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PM> Install-Package Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022 -Version 5.1.5 -Source

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> nuget.exe install Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022 -Version 5.1.5 -Source

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> dotnet add package Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022 --version 5.1.5 --source

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<PackageReference Include="Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022" Version="5.1.5" />
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nuget Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022  ~> 5.1.5
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> choco install Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022 --version 5.1.5 --source

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Import-Module PowerShellGet
Register-PSRepository -Name "youtube-cheats-apk" -SourceLocation ""
Install-Module -Name "Youtube-Cheats-apk-Hacks-ios-2022" -RequiredVersion "5.1.5" -Repository "youtube-cheats-apk" 
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Browse the sources in this package using Visual Studio or WinDbg by configuring the following legacy symbol server URL:

  • .NETStandard 2.0
  • .NETStandard 2.0:

Assembly Assembly hash Match
/lib/netstandard2.0/youtubehackapkcheatsios2022.dll 8840f80a81f54108863989b67c41013bFFFFFFFF




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