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Rockstar's suite of GTA 5 cheats offer up a selection of ways to bend the crime sandbox. If you're looking for an easier way through the campaign, you've can give yourself everything from weapons to full invincibility from harm. And if you're just looking to cause some carnage, how about some exploding bullets or even just spawning a military helicopter at your feet? Don't worry about the cops—you can tell them to leave you alone too.

Whatever your fancy, if GTA 5 has a cheat for it, we've got it—along with multiple ways for you to enable it. The PC codes remain the easiest way to get your cheat on, but we've also listed the input codes for Xbox and PlayStation pads, and the phone numbers you can dial through the in-game cell phone.

Given that recent rumours suggest we won't see GTA 6 until 2025, you've still got plenty of time to spend amusing yourself with these codes. But if you'd prefer to venture even further back to the past, you can also check out our round-ups of GTA: Vice City cheats, GTA 3 cheats, GTA: San Andreas cheats, and GTA Trilogy cheats.

It's super easy to use GTA 5 cheats. You'll just need to remember the code word. If you don't fancy keeping a notepad to hand, just bookmark this page and return whenever you need to remember how to swim faster.

To bring up GTA 5's console, hit the tilde key (~), or whatever key is directly to the left of the 1 at the top of your keyboard. Type in any of the cheat codes below in all caps just as written. Hit enter and you've now become an official GTA 5 cheater. Spawn yourself a motorcycle and flaming ammo rounds if you like! We won't judge.

There are GTA 5 cheats and codes on PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC that can completely change GTA V (if you want to call it that instead). How you change things is up to you. There are normal things you can do, like cheats for spawning vehicle

PM> Install-Package Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022 -Version 3.0.2 -Source

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> nuget.exe install Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022 -Version 3.0.2 -Source

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> dotnet add package Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022 --version 3.0.2 --source

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<PackageReference Include="Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022" Version="3.0.2" />
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nuget Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022  ~> 3.0.2
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> choco install Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022 --version 3.0.2 --source

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Import-Module PowerShellGet
Register-PSRepository -Name "gta-v-moneygenerator" -SourceLocation ""
Install-Module -Name "Gta.5.Cheat.Codes.Ps4_GTA_V_Money_Generator_2022" -RequiredVersion "3.0.2" -Repository "gta-v-moneygenerator" 
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