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Fortnite has had a new hero added to it's ever growing roster. Master Chief has finally made his way to the Fortnite island to help deal with the fallout from the Nexus War.Fortnite is making things very interesting with the recent collaborations. With the amount of new heroes making it into the game, this is definitely leading up to something big on the island.The Master Chief bundle includes the Chief skin and the warthog emote. It also comes with the Pelican glider and a miniature version of the Pelican Carrier. The back bling in this bundle is the Battle Legends bling with an elite skull showing his achievements.There's also a black Master Chief skin but that's limited to Xbox players only. Completing one game using the default skin will unlock the black skin for players in game.The entire bundle is priced at 2,600 v-Bucks in the item store, while the skin alone is priced at 1,500 v-Bucks. Since the time it's come out, players have already started going crazy with the skin.SypherPK also joined in on the fun, organising a small warthog race in a public lobby with random strangers.The Master Chief bundle features the Gravity Hammer pickaxe in Fortnite. And that's not it. According to the Epic Games website, there's going to be a special featured map.Fans of the Halo series will be very familiar with this multiplayer map mode. There's no point in ruining the surprise here, interested players can find out for themselves what this surprise is.

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PM> Install-Package Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes -Version 7.5.7 -Source

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> nuget.exe install Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes -Version 7.5.7 -Source

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> dotnet add package Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes --version 7.5.7 --source

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<PackageReference Include="Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes" Version="7.5.7" />
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nuget Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes  ~> 7.5.7
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> choco install Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes --version 7.5.7 --source

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Import-Module PowerShellGet
Register-PSRepository -Name "master-chief-skin-apk" -SourceLocation ""
Install-Module -Name "Master-Chief-Skin-Free-Fortnite-Skins-Mod-Apk-Codes" -RequiredVersion "7.5.7" -Repository "master-chief-skin-apk" 
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